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environmental accounts

What are environmental accounts?

Environmental accounts describe interactions between the economy, private households and the environment. This is done by comparing ecological with economic data. mehr lesen

Individual Data Analysis

Analysis of environmental-accounting data

Get an overview of the different indicators that are used in environmental accounting by individually designed motion chart analysis. mehr lesen

Breaking News

New area at the website: "results and data"

The new website area presents results and data from environmental accounting. Diagrams, graphics and data can be downloaded directly at this area. mehr lesen

structure and preparation

Environmental accounts structure and preparation

International practices for the preparation of environmental accounts are based on the System of Integrated Environmental and Economic Accounts (SEEA), which consists of a variety of environmental satellite accounts mehr lesen

scope and application

Environmental accounts scope and application

Environmental accounts cover different thematic areas, some of which are presented in more detail in the following mehr lesen

Download Infomaterial

Booklet: Resource Use in Austria

A consolidated overview of the types and amounts of the resources used in Austria. The latest available environmental accounting data provide an insight into the material consumption trends in Austria. mehr lesen