Environmental economic sector / Green Jobs

Environmental and energy technologies, along with environmental services, have stimulated growth and created new job opportunities in Austria in the last few years. 

Given the challenges in areas such as climate change mitigation and environmental and biodiversity protection, the number of green jobs is expected to rise in the future. The green economy will thus continue to be an important part of the economy overall. And all those who work in the green job sector – people, institutions and enterprises – will see to it that our ecosystems are taken care of and protected and that the quality of people’s lives will be increased in the long term.

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A harmonised approach at European level has helped to create (for the first time) an internationally comparable definition of activities which may be referred to as green jobs, i.e. activities which produce goods, technologies and services to measure, prevent, limit, minimise or correct environmental damage and conserve our natural resources.

Green jobs include organic farmers, solar energy technicians, passive house builders, environmental consultants and many others.


The approach was implemented by a few Member States (including Austria) in 2008 for the first time. It is intended to expand this approach further and to create a comparable overall European database on economic activities for environmental protection and resource management.

It is planned that consistent data from EU Member States will facilitate analyses of sales growth rates, job potentials, technology exports, and research and development activities in the environment sector, and thus provide a sound basis for environmental policy and decision-making. 

As part of the environmental accounts, the monetary account for the Environmental Goods and Services Sector provides data on environmental economic sector turnover and environmental employment.

Source: Statistics Austria